Swati Sinha


Born in India and raised in Mumbai, Swati Sinha graduated with a degree in fine arts from Sir J J School of Art, Mumbai, one of the most prestigious art schools in India at the time. Whilst she wanted to pursue art as a career immediately, marriage, motherhood and immigration meant she spent years working in HR. She continued to create commissioned artwork during these years in a small part time manner.

In 2018, 20 years after she graduated from art school, dissatisfied from not being able to find enough time to do art, Swati finally left her corporate work to become a full time artist. She relearned what it meant to give yourself over to paint and canvas and began to once again create beautiful florals and masterful abstracts.

During the first Covid lockdown, Swati decided to offer free art lessons to young children virtually, to relax and distract them as well as give them a focus and enable struggling parents to have some short moments to themselves. These were such a hit that she was then invited to talk on a radio show about her work as a local COVID-19 hero.

Word spread fast about her work and her lessons, and Swati then signed up for a few art fairs and started to create personal, one off commission pieces for clients upon request. Swati now lives in Solihull, England where honing her creativity and teaching others to do the same is her daily life. She draws inspiration from nature and uses, bright vivid colours to form impasto acrylic pieces on canvas. She likes to do floral art because she believes that we should enhance the beauty around us in creative ways.
Even if it’s not for sale, you can always find Swati doodling away in a sketch pad, whether it’s practising the traditional Indian folk art called Madhubani or letting watercolour run wild over paper.

Swati thinks and dreams in screaming colour, and her energy radiates from each unique piece. She believes that art has the power to uplift and energise every single person and it’s a must do for all, especially children.