Art Lessons

Art lessons (online) just started as a way to keep children creatively occupied during our very first lockdown. The focus was on how to create a safe, known and fun environment whilst the entire world was reeling under the pandemic. As a mother, I have seen how much my children have enjoyed art through their various stages of learning. It’s an outlet in the most positive way, to express themselves and enjoy the process too!

I feel that children & adults often feel pressured to create art, based on what they see on social media. This often leads to a sense of failure, as their end result does not match what they have used as inspiration.

Art requires not only imagination but a bridge between what we imagine and how we reproduce that on to a tangible medium. My lessons help you build that bridge, narrow the gap between imagination & creation, and feel confident about your art.

These lessons are focused on:

  1. Where to begin – I have several ideas, but no clue where to being! This is such a common thought. Knowing where to begin and how to channel those creative thoughts into something tangible can be quite difficult, if you don’t know where to begin. In my lessons, we discuss this and brainstorm ideas together.
  2. Strategy– based on what a student wants to do, we decide on whether to create something simple or a bit more complex. Strategy is usually fine tuning the creative ideas into simpler steps to create it on paper/ canvas/other mediums
  3. What mediums are available to use– here we look at a range of options, right from working on paper or canvas to other materials such as wood or cloth etc.
  4. Drawing/ sketching– starting with a basic drawing/ sketch. Here techniques like scale & proportions, perspectives & placement of design comes into play.
  5. Colouring/ painting– Finally deciding how we would like the art work to look, whether it’s going to be a vibrant one, or something along pastel shades. We look at colour combinations and colour theory at this point. I also cover various painting techniques through this stage.

Each of the above focus on various aspects of creating art, however if you were to ask my students, they will say, it was mostly about having fun and being confident of their art!

Confidence builds over time by following the above focus areas, however the most important aspect of my lessons is to get the students to enjoy the journey of being imaginative, creative and most of all enjoy their artwork! To be confident of their art irrespective of what they see on social media.


Workshops: Please contact me via messaging system for more details or follow my facebook page for the latest information

Group: £15 / per child/ per lesson

I offer lessons to adults and children (over 8 years old), in a group setting. The lessons focus on individual requirements, be it at a beginner level or an intermediate one.

I also offer one free trial lesson. Please feel free to use the contact me form for more information